Bellota 100% Iberico ham leg whole on the bone 8-8.5 Kg Alta Expresión de Covap (D.O. Los Pedroches)

A Bellota pure Iberico backham, with origin Los Pedroches, with a deep and rounded flavour.

783,75  VAT incl.

Bellota (or acorn-fed) pure Iberico pork ham, with 100% Iberian breed, dry -cured, whole on the bone of 8/8.5 Kg with D.O. Los Pedroches: It has deep and very persistent aromas, a magic flavor due to the high consumption of acorns in the pastures of the north of Cordova during the montanera, in winter time.

The Origin of Los Pedroches is to our judgment the most sweet ham and more consensual of all the areas of production.